Booths rental

Our interpreting (or soundproofing) booths are modular from 1 to 4 seats.​
Equipped with top-of-the-range microphones and headsets, they allow the interpreters to work in the best possible way.
Easy to implement, they will be the advantage of a quality translation.

Interpreting booths 2 seats

  • Iso standard 4043 ;​
  • 2 types: 160 x 160 cm (3 finishes: light/dark grey and white) or 170 x 170 cm (grey finish) ;​
  • Sound attenuation 30 dB.

Interpreting booths 3 seats and more​

Our booths are basically designed for 2 interpreters. In accordance with ISO4043, it is necessary to be able to enlarge the cabin to 3 seats
(240 x 160 cm) or even 4 seats. The 3-seater cabins are also used for services with velotypists who require sufficient space for equipment (computers, screens, control unit, etc.) and 2 or 3 operators. Simply add the panels from the extension kit in the same way as any other cabin panel.

Assembly and disassembly, only by our technicians.​

Booths and video :
We can offer you the additional video required for a « blind booth »
or put you in touch with our partner for a global video service.​

Are you looking for an interpreter? We will be able to direct you to quality professionals: contact us!



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