Organizing a “silent conference” may seem unusual, but it is an increasingly common practice.
It allows, thanks to an infrared sound system, to broadcast the speech of several speakers, in several languages, simultaneously.
It gives you the possibility to have more speakers in the same room and at the same time,
without the need for separate meeting rooms and/or large spaces.

Through a receiver, each participant can select a channel to listen to the language and speech of their choice.
Bosch’s Integrus system provides excellent quality audio coverage (mono or stereo). In addition, digital infrared is immune to cell phones, wi-fi, monitors, RF microphones and other low frequency radiation.

Thus, choosing the silent conf for your events is to guarantee an intuitive and comfortable experience to all your participants.

Current events require you to organize an emergency meeting but not all the guests can travel…

Our dedicated and secure network communication tool will allow them to participate remotely via internet or mobile network

on a smartphone or a computer, in the language of their choice in transmission and reception.

Your meeting room does not allow the installation of an interpreter booth

Our remote interpreting studio will allow you to benefit from professional simultaneous interpreting via the Internet

or will complement existing booths for an additional language (or several) at a distance.

In order to be as close as possible to the ISO standards, we use a unique audio channel for each language to guarantee an optimal bandwidth.

Several packages are available and optional modules are offered according to your needs.




@ Simultaneous Interpretation in Remote Meetings :
Participants, interpreters and operators are each on different sites and interact via customised applications and a multimedia platform (sound, video, chat, interpretation) dedicated to international meetings.

@ Simultaneous Interpretation in Hybrid Meetings :
Some of the participants are gathered in a Hub: a room equipped with traditional reception equipment and the necessary multimedia equipment. This equipment is interconnected via specific interfaces to our dedicated multimedia platform (sound, video, chat, interpreting).
The rest of the participants – wherever they are – are connected via PC, tablet or smartphone to our dedicated platform.
Interpreters can be connected either via a HUB (remote studio equipped with traditional interpreting equipment) or remotely via the multimedia platform.
The number of operators varies according to the conguration.

remote and hybrid simultaneous interpretation